Become part of our integrated hotel

Continue renting out to tourists yourself and leave us the administrative work.

If you do not want to fully let us manage your property, you can sign a reservation management agreement with us and still be the one to check the guests in and out, clean the apartment and all the other connected activities while we take care of the sales, property presentation through our integrated hotel and other administrative tasks. This way you can enjoy all the benefits of an integrated hotel like increasing occupancy outside main season and serving breakfast.

What is an integrated hotel?

An integrated hotel is a type of hotel which consists of accommodation units that are located on two or more different addresses in the same area (city) and are unified by a central reception.

Services that an integrated hotel offers range from breakfast service to other hotel services and facilities like a gym or a spa.

Your accommodation unit, whether it is a room, studio, studio apartment, apartment, or a vacation home (villa), can become part of our integrated hotel and get the benefits of hotel services and facilities as well as other advantages.

What are the benefits of joining an integrated hotel?


By joining our integrated hotel, you will be advertising your property in a hotel category. The benefits of this kind of advertising are better positioning on online booking websites due to the larger number of units under a single property in comparison to advertising your accommodation unit on its own. As a part of hotel accommodation, you have the right to accept guests coming through a travel agency in months of lower occupancy outside the main season.


As a part of the integrated hotel, you have the right to hotel quality additional services and facilities that you will have the right to offer to your guests. Services and facilities that can be offered can range from breakfast service all the way to gym and spa facilities. Offering these services and facilities, you are contributing to private accommodation professionalization, you are upgrading your property's quality and ensure yourself more guests in the months outside the main season.


Due to the joint market appearance through our integrated hotel, the offer of all Veronika Group partners is centralized under a single property on all online booking websites as well as our own website. We allow our guests to book accommodation easy, secure and fast through our website. The payment risk is reduced by using professional tools for credit card processing. In case of a cancellation where you have the right to a cancellation fee, you will receive it.

How to become part of the integrated hotel?

You can join us easily. All you need to do is fill out property sign up form or contact us directly via email:

We operate a commission model so you will never be in doubt as to whether your cooperation with us is worthwhile since you do not pay a fixed monthly fee.