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In 2013, we have noticed that most private accommodation providers do not use the full potential of their accommodation capacity — they do not have their own website, they do not have professionally made photographs of their accommodation units, they are not listed on the worlds most popular online travel lodging sites — so we have decided to start our own pilot program in Makarska, one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Croatian coast.

We have rented out one accommodation property with four accommodation units categorized to three stars located in the first row of houses next to the sea. We have renovated the property, created its digital presence and established a brand aimed at increasing the average occupancy within the season and out of it as well.

In the first business year, the property's occupancy has risen 50% and in 2016 it was five times bigger compared to 2013 just before we have started to manage the property. Property's owner was making more money than when they managed the property by themselves with not a single penny invested into the business — everything was done by us! The property has now expanded to five accommodation units categorized to four stars thanks to our property adaptations such as interior renovation and expansion of the amenities and services the property offered.

Satisfied with the outcome of the pilot program, four years later, we put one other property in Makarska under our management and we have expanded to Zagreb where, in 2017, we have opened one other property enriching our portfolio of apartments with an additional six accommodation units.

Our success was recognized by a lot of owners in Makarska and Zagreb, and, with the growth of interest for property management companies in the tourism sector, we decided to establish the Veronika Group.

Veronika Group as we know it today, started with its work in 2017 by combining three properties from two Croatian cities into a unique brand Part of Veronika Group.


In just one year, we have doubled the number of accommodation units that we manage and have proven the sustainability of our business model. Creativity, innovation, promptness, and dedication to work are just some of Veronika Group's traits that have been recognized by our guests and partners and which have led us to the position in which we are found today.

With creative ideas in interior design, we have breathed in new life to our accommodation units by utilizing their full potential.

By innovating, every day we are creating new ideas and making old better, we find functional solutions and implement them into our accommodation capacities.

We are promptly monitoring world tourism trends and are working every day on making existing services we offer better and introducing new ones as well. With new trends emerging, we implement them into our accommodation units immediately so that all of our guests can enjoy every moment they spend in our superior service.

With the dedication to work, we compete against laziness and inertia. Our team is always working hard on problem-solving as we encounter new ones while they always make sure our guests are satisfied.

In 2017, for the first time on the national level, we are opening applications for partnership with Veronika Group which utilizes the same business model in order to meet the goals for year-on-year growth.

You can learn more about the partnership with us by visiting Become a partner at the top or the bottom of the page.



People say that the integration of private accommodation into groups is the future. We think that it is just the first step. Like any good company, we have clearly defined our vision.

We want to become the industry-leading property management company in Croatia, and in the world, specialized in property management in the tourism sector. We want to provide a larger amount of people the feeling of peace of mind and financial stability by building a brand people would trust, a brand that will, with its innovation, deliver more, better.

We would like to inspire people to start exploring the world and, by business expansion to more cities in the world, making travel accessible to everyone.


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